Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Golly Gosh!

I want to apologize for my absence. Even though most people don't read my blog, I still love posting on here! I feel like my mother now, since she never blogs anymore! (or it seems like it!)

Anyways, I have been stressed beyond belief with school! Dance is becoming more hectic, and MORE dramatic. I mean c'mon people, the studio is about to turn into a flippin' war zone! Geeze... but on the plus side, I got my grades today! Its only interms though, take a look: (;

History - 93% (A)
Child Development - 91% (B+)
Physical Science - 85% (B)
English - 91% (B+)
Fine Art - 95% (A)
Geometry - 94% (A)

I was so excited, but so frustrated with those 91%! I only needed to get a 93% for an A, but nooooooo, my school would rather put me into more stress and frustration!

Last weekend I had a dance competition and we did very well. Our jazz got a platinum and first place overall for our division, and our tap got a platinum as well, and second overall for our division. Not only did I dance, but I was able to watch and catch up with my old dance studio! I was so happy to see everyone, considering I've known them since I was 3 and danced with them until I was 12, but I got to see my childhood and current best friend Lauren. (And Missy, of course!) My mom and Missy were acting like little dorks together, but we all had fun catching up, cheering each other on, and pigging out at Applebee's after the evening. And let's not forget our photoshoot in the freezing cold! (Pictures soon!)

Anyways, I am starting to freak out more with OGT's coming up, exams at the end of the month, going to Florida, and going to China sooner or later. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! TOOO MUCH! hahaha I'll post pictures later, if I ever have time to!

Here are some photos of the coolest kids on the block! (:

We get bored at dads office, especially chasing each other around cubicals! But, my mom will blog about that one soon, if not I'll hunt her down! (:

Have a great weekend!


Kristin said...

Wonderful grades! You should be proud. But I understand the frustration with the 91%. At least you are motivated to change it. My son (14) wouldn't care. Geesh.

Dance a drama? No! BTDT. I hope it improves for you. :-) I miss the dancing days sometimes. The hanging out with friend at competitions, going to dinner, sleeping in the same rooms, doing hair and make-up together, etc. But the drama? Nah. I was glad to see it go. I feel your pain, really.

Keep up the great work at school and dance! Looking forward to your trip to FL and China!

Katy said...

I know what you mean about being stressed with school. I'm in the same boat with finals next week. Keep up the good work though! Congrats at your dance competitions too!

wingepr said...

Nice to you back, I've missed you.

Great job on the grades!