Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The good news is, I want to thank you all SO much for all of the support for my blog. I'm starting to love the blog world more than Facebook and Myspace! Haha, my mom is so excited when I get comments and followers. Soon, I think she'll get upset due to the fact people love my blog more than hers! (; After all, I am the excellent blogger of the family.

The bad and ugly news time! Remember my whole art project with the pictures and map of China? Well it was a difficult process, my teacher ruined it like two times but thank goodness for my best friend Abbey who left her studyhall to come help me! (Thanks Abs!) We FINALLY had the map painted red and the Chinese writing all over and the bell rang so we decided to put the pictures on the next day. When I got to fifth period, my map was not on the wall so I figured my teacher had taken it down once it dried. That was not the case... apparently the map was thrown away by a student or a custodian. The pictures were safe, thank goodness! But I still had to project the map onto the wall, paint it, yada yada yada.... and now the pictures were able to be put on!

Well... I came to school the next day to see that my project had been vandalized, along with another girls project who had to deal with those from different countries seeing what they missed. It was an amazing project, and she had put a lot of effort into it, I'm talking interviews, meetings, after school work, you get the point? Haha, anyways my teacher was so upset about our projects, especially mine after all the effort I had put into it. My entire class even took time to help with all of the pictures by cutting them out! I was so upset after I had re-done the project three times possibly?

I was so worried about all that had happened, I mean who in the world would feel obligated to destroy TWO art projects?! Obviously a racist person. I cannot tell you how many had come up and questioned me about my project. I was more than willing to answer, was it offensive in any way? I had all of these questions running through my head, especially what was going to happen to my grade? No fears... my group and I recieved a 100%

To all the parents who sent me pictures, know that your childrens' privacy was not violated! I only put their little adorable faces on there, no names or anything! Please do not worry, you and your families are safe. I appreciate all the pictures I got and am SO SORRY my project got ruined.

So there is your weekend dose of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Post!

Since my mom has a blog, I figured I'd start one as well! I'm not sure how many, if any will read this blog, but this will just show life through the eyes of The Teenager. Exciting, I know! Hope you enjoy my writings...

About me, well for starters, I'm Meggie. I am fifteen, almost sixteen, and DEATHLY afraid of driving. I'm sure many of you have seen my mother beg for prayers because we need them! I'm a sophomore in high school, and I absolutely hate it. I realize the word 'hate' is a strong word, but it describes it perfectly. For all those that say high school is the best four years of your life, I have to disagree. I have a handful of people who I actually consider to be my friends, the others are just fake. I am 100% truthful, and I have come to notice people do not always like the truth, but I tell it how it is. I'm a competitive dancer and am always, and I mean ALWAYS, at the studio. Along with the dance portion, I am also a dance assistant, its not the best paying job but it is fun. (:

Lets see... I love my family to pieces! I'm not kidding, most teenagers want to get away from their family, and move out of the house as soon as possible! Me, on the other hand, I refuse to go away to college for many reasons. One, because my mom will not let me, I would not be able to stay away from my family that long, and I want to be a part of my siblings lives since there is such an age difference. I never leave my house, Friday nights are basically family nights and I love it. My brother Carson has changed my life, tremendously! He was the one who changed me being an only child (which I miss at times...) and brought all the laughter into the house! He is a crack up and my favorite five year old, EVER! My little sister, Molly Jayne, is currently in China waiting for us. (: I think about her everyday, when I'm home alone I go into her room and sit on her bed and just imagine how life will be with her. I cannot wait for her to join our family!

I think I've covered most of my life and interests in this post. But, have no fear, I will post soon! (: Have a great weekend!