Monday, February 16, 2009

ATJ Allstars YOU are Jamfest National Champions!

Where do we get to go next?!

DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!! (:

I am so excited that my dance team is getting the honor to go to Worlds! Worlds is like the Olympics for dance and is hopefully to be in the Olympics in the near future. And both jazz and hip hop received an invitation and a bid to go, which is HUGE! Especially for being a first year team! Pretty impressive, huh? (;

After a longgggggg weekend competition, we deserved every bit of this! I'll post pictures and videos sooner or later, just thought I'd share with you all! (: I'M SO STINKING EXCITED! WOOT WOOT!


Kristin said...

Meggie!!! That is great! When are Worlds??? And how cool it's in Disney!

Debbie said...

Congrats!! You want an aunt/niece cheering section?? Ahhhh Florida....

The Source said...

Congratulations on making it to Worlds! I hope you have an amazing time. My daughter's squad competed at Disney last season and won. Best of luck!

wingepr said...

Awesome JOB!!!!!!!!! That is just great. Congrats.

Cant wait to see the pictures. I hope that Gracie will like dance as much as you.


meggie (: said...

Ms. Kristin -
I think we leave April 24th early in the morning and we don't get back til that next Tuesday night! I'm so stinking excited! (:

Aunt Debbie -
We already have a full cheering section, sorry about your luck.

And thanks to all the others. And I'm sure that Gracie will like it as much as I do, just be sure she LOVES the place and you like the owners. Ha (:

Deb and Kevin said...

Congratulations! That is such great news. Best wishes, lots of luck.

Denise said...

Check my blog for a special award for you!