Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Fairytale Night, Without Prince Charming

Last night, we had a team bonding/party type of thing. It was a princess party! We all had to wear fancy dresses and look nice, compared to the outfits we wear to dance with messy ponytails.

Before the party, Kelsey invited me over to get ready with her. It took us over two hours to get all dolled up, plus the stuff I did at home before I left. For entertaining purposes, we decided to take a before and after picture! (:

Disgusted with our looks....
And after... we got bored in Chick-fil-a's parking lot so decided to take this.

We then headed over to Lisa's house, our coach's friend, who happens to live in a mansion! Well, not really, but it is the most expensive neighborhood out here. When we arrived, the cameras were taken out and smiles were ready!

The Black Dress Crew: me, DJ, Kelsey, and Meg
Tory, Allison, Morgan, and ToriaMeg and I
Most of the team: Me, Morgan, Tory, DJ, Kelsey, Allison, Meg, Toria, Josie
The baby of the team, Josie (:
Okay, this is Lisa's dog, Coach. Coach is not the size of your average dog, its more like Big Foots little brother. It was almost as tall as me, and slobbered EVERYWHERE! Gross!
The team, minus Meaghan, and our Coach (in the purple)
Toria and I
The sundae toppings! Notice the notes, 'DJ - don't eat!'

Everybody's favorite senior, DJ, modeling the do not eat sprinkles! She's deathly allergic to peanuts, and daddy didn't read the label very carefully! haha

More pictures were taken, talking, and the anxious wait to see the basement! As we walked down the stairs, we heard Disney princess songs playing, and saw this...

I must say, the decorating crew did a fabulous job! My place setting...

We then were crowned princesses, with lovely colorful rings. Tory, to my left was the first crowned, then it was my turn. I was quite nervous to hear what Morgan would say about me, considering I am the one who everyone loves. Haha! Actually, she talked about my sarcasm, my hard-working attitude, and my crazy times. So here I am, becoming Princess Meggie the first! (:
Princess DJ, the senior
Princess Morgan
Princess Toria
Princess Meg
I was not able to get a picture of everyone, but life goes on. Ha, after dinner, we changed into our sweats and got our surprise! We decorated sweatpants for Worlds, watched a movie, and had desserts.

Here is little Josie's birthday cake, we call her Barbie since she is her twin!
The birthday girl with her twin...
The clock struck 11 o'clock, and it was time to head home before the magic wore off. This is how Josie, Arielle, and I headed home, our bum clothes and high heels. (:
It was an amazing night, and I cannot wait until the next team bonding! Plus, a little over a month until our crazy, wild, and super excited team heads to DISNEY! AHHHH! Hopefully a few weeks after that, I get to meet the next little princess entering our family. (:

More pictures coming soon, but I have dance 3-6 today and Graduation Tests all week long! Plus a competition this weekend coming up, when will I have a break?!

Here are pictures of our surprises.

This is the back of our sweatpants, the front right leg has a star on it
This shirt might be offensive to some, according to my mother, but it is a joke between the team.
We've begged for these shirts since the beginning of the season.

the front
the back


Denise said...

Looks like an awesome night!!! I want to be a precious too.

Hey, I hear that there's no keeping you from meeting the infamous me! Good! I want to meet the infamous YOU!

meggie (: said...

Well, of course I want to meet you! That is if my mother will allow my presence... (:

Shannon said...

That is a great night of fun and spoiling. You all did look like princesses :) And I think the shirt is quite funny, actually!