Friday, February 6, 2009

Has it Really Been 4 Days?!

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I last blogged, but I did on Monday! Well, this week has not been a good one for myself. I woke up Wednesday at 3 in the morning and I'm sure you know what happened, thank goodness we had a snow day so I didn't miss any school! But, the bug has been with me still and I do not feel all that better!

I know you all want to hear/see about my sock addiction, yet I am just not motivated to go upstairs and dig all my socks out for a picture... so I'll choose another topic. Oh I got an idea! My addiction to shopping for little Miss Molly!

Many people think that I love shopping for myself, probably because we go to Target at least once every two weeks! Its sad, really, but totally worth it! But I hate, hate, HATE shopping for myself because of my height issues and lack of patience. It is very rare that I find anything I like while shopping, and usually the trips to the mall turn out like this....
This was taken right around Christmas 2007, and as you can tell we were having a real blast! NOT. haha (:

My solution to my shopping issue? Shop for others, of course! With mommy and daddy's credit cards, too! How dare I spend my own money! Haha, but recently I cannot stop looking at stuff online for my little sister!

My mom and I always have such a grand time shopping for the little princess, and I'm not exaggerating on the princess title! Go look in her closet, better yet, I'll take a photo of it soon! The child has more clothes than I do, and that is A LOT! But we don't want the little cutie to be naked, do we? HECK NO! So we buy her anything I want, after all, I'm the original princess of the house and need to have one to train!

Now, after talking about Molly, you're probably wondering, what about Carson?! Well, you see, boys just are not fun to shop for! They don't wear cute little dresses, hair bows, and sparkly shoes! (Well, maybe some do!) So, I don't find shopping for boys fun. No offense little brother, you're still my favorite Chinese brother!(:

In other news, my mother complains that I do not have enough pictures on here. Partially because all of my pictures are on the dinosaur computer, and I like using her laptop better! Maybe she should buy me one for China, eh?!(: So, I will start posting more pictures on here just to make my momma happier.

Hope you all have a fun and HEALTHY weekend, it seems like ours will just be a fun one. ):


Kristin said...

I agree that it's much more fun to buy for little girls! When I had my son, I didn't even know where to begin with clothes. Nothing seemed very cute. :-)

Have fun shopping! Don't spend too much of your mom's money. And don't give Katie any ideas about doing the same!

Denise said...

Girls are SOOO much more fun to buy for. Boys wear jeans or khakis. BORING.

Hope you feel better soon!