Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Adventure of the Night!
Dedicated to Chris Anderson (:

So, as you all know, it is Super Bowl Sunday! And usually, there are parties where the men yell at the television, the women talk about everything, and the children destroy the house. You all know what I'm talking about, right?

Well, today I had to start the day off with a 'mock competition' with my dance team. You go in the room, dance in full costume, and get judged by your teachers. Did I mention you had to PAY to dance in front of the teachers you dance for every week? Yes, it is bologna and selfish on their part. Anyways... I have done damage again to my ankle while dancing, AGAIN! It hurts super bad and is difficult to walk on. After the competition, we move onto practice #2! Yes, I had a two hour practice and was quite difficult considering I wore a high top gym shoe for an ankle brace, I'm quite creative! (:

Dance was over, thank goodness, and we were going to take my friend Kelsey home. I told my mother about my injury, and she was not pleased, but thought partying would make me happier. After all, I was not going to make dinner by myself, so why not enjoy the chili cook-off at the party?

Now this is were the good part comes in....
My mom was driving down the street that the party was, and could not really remember which house it was. Anyone want to guess what we did? So, we pull into the driveway and park the car, and go in through the garage. My mom noticed a sign that was not there before saying, "Wet shoes here please!" but my mom decided we could keep them on anyways. Good thing we did... I open the door leading to the house and I hear this loud barking, and my mom goes "Oh don't worry, its just their little dog!" BOY OH BOY WAS SHE WRONG! The dog came to the door, and it was a pitbull! (sorry if it is spelled wrong!) My mom was curious, but decides we should still proceed... and when we walk in she notices the kitchen was a little different! Well, there is no possible way for this family to redecorate their kitchen in the 45 minutes she was gone.

Any guesses yet?!?! So we're in the kitchen, and everyone else is in the living room glued to the television. My not-so-smart mother says, "OH MY GOSH! This is the wrong house!" She is a pure genius that mother of mine is, how did she get a job as a teacher?! Hahaha, anyways I'm freaking out, trying to run to the van with a hurt ankle, and am yelling,"Run before they press charges and we get arrested!" My mom could not stop giggling to save her life, but we made it to the car and booked out of there!

This picture sums up my feelings at this point...
This picture was taken about an hour before we met Carson. (:

Finally, we reached our destination. The correct house with all our friends from church and the delicious free dinner sitting there waiting for me to consume it. After my mom told the story 15 times or so, she wanted to make sure that it didn't get to her Sunday school teacher/close family friend Chris, probably because he would mock her to death, but hey, that is why I got a blog. To tell the stories of my mother to save her from the humiliation on her blog.

So there you go Chris, feel free to share next Sunday with the whole class!

And tomorrow I go back to school... it is a sad thing. But hey, I had a six day weekend, so maybe I should go get a few days of education in me before my brain turns into mush! (:


wingepr said...

Ouch, is your ankle feeling any better yet?

I would have died right there on the spot, that is just too funny, now let me go on over to your moms blog and leave a post.


Teresa =) said...

Awwww, Megster...I can't believe you threw your Mom under the bus like that! Did you HAVE to tell the world (according to Meggie) about my completely understandable mistake?!?! It was dark...I had only been to the house one time...there WERE tons of cars in their driveway.

Now when Chris mocks me (and we all KNOW that he will), I only have YOU to blame!!!


Mom =O

Kathryn Deffinger said...

Thanks for sharing that again and starting my day off with a laugh!

Debbie said...

Meg...can't believe your mom sucked you in, too. I'll have to say I'm a little hurt that the blog you helped create about your most adorable cousin ever is not listed as one you follow :-(

Simply Sophie....Check it out :-)

Aunt Debbie

Denise said...

I think I'm really going to like this blog. I'm going to get all kinds of inside information about your mother that I wouldn't get otherwise. Thank goodness my daughter Julia hasn't figured out she could do this!

Shannon said...

Meggie, you made Chris' day! You know he is going to have SO MUCH FUN with this story!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's AWESOME that you ratted your Mom out! Didn't see that post on her blog! She won't live that one down!

kirbycrew7 said...

I LOVE it!!! Your mom hasnt realized yet that I may just harrass her as much as Chris..:) It was great meeting you at the party! So glad you came!!!

Shannon said...

Wow - you can't make this stuff up! Reminds me of the time that Dave Grubb dropped off his daughter at the wrong birthday party and didn't discover his mistake until he went back to get her hours later!

I would like to be the official sponsor of this site - don't give in to the pressure of censorship by your mom! Fight the power!


Trish said...

This is going to be fun! I can't wait for you to blog from China. We will have a whole new perspective on things.